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125gal Regular (click on pic for full-size)
Current Tank Info (Dec '04)

Under construction (Feb '04)

Checking out the new digs (Feb '04)

Water Hyacinth (Aug '04)

False Rummy-nose school (Jan '05)

Top View (Jan '05)

Tank pix (Nov '08)

38gal Show
Current Tank Info (Aug '04)

(Oct '03)

(Feb '04)

(Jun '04)

(Jan '05)

58gal Show (retired)
Current tank info (May '02)

(March '01)

(May '02)

(May '02)

(May '02)

(May '02)

(May '02)

(May '02)

(May '02)

F3 Angels (9/21/02)

F3 Angels (hatched Aug 12)


FishCam (currently out of order)

My Filtration System (way out of date, it's much simpler now)

My DIY Dosing Pump

Fish Medications Ingredients

Aquarium Related Web Links

The Angelfish Society

Light FAQ (copied from the net)

Lighting Info (copied from the net)

Rummynose Tetras (copied from the net)