North Branch Trail to Botanic Gardens

The parking lot.


It's called the North Branch Trail because it follows the course of the North Branch of the Chicago River to it's source.


Some sun, some shade.


The mighty North Branch of the Chicago River, isn't it impressive?


The start of one of the nicest sections, after the first of two big overpasses.


This is a prairie preserve.


Past the prairie, over the little creek, and into the woods.


A little creek that flows into the Chicago River.


Some leaves are falling already.


A nice big tree, don't run off the path!


A long straightaway, time to go fast!


The restrooms at the Botanic Gardens, they are trying different shade plants under the trees.


Getting ready for the fifteen miles back to the start.


The North Branch has its start in a group of small lakes.


Killer Attack Deer -- they wait in ambush in the woods and jump out in front of your bike!


Happy Hound!