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HP OpenView NetMetrix is a family of products that provide visibility into the health and performance of, as well as the critical information required to increase, the availability and performance of networks. The NetMetrix product line is a part of HP OpenView.

HP OpenView NetMetrix/UX provides an integrated monitoring, analysis, and reporting solution covering a full range of communication technologies (LAN, WAN, and ATM) and shared, point-to-point and switched network technologies. NetMetrix/UX’s Network Performance Management Suites help isolate the cause of network problems, identify potential network problem areas before they degrade the network, provide web-based reports that keep management, user’s, and IT informed on the status of the network, and help provide managed network services.

Data Collectors and Intelligent Agents, including LAN, WAN, and ATM probes, including Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, token ring, FDDI, ATM, Frame-Relay, T1, T3/DS-3, E1, and V-series.These probes consistently capture detailed network information that provides the in-depth network visibility needed to quickly isolate network problems and prevent them. Embedded agents within the probes, switch manufacturers, and software-based Internetwork Response Agent capture information that increased the visibility into the network activity between devices.

NetMetrix Software Version and Platforms :
    4.5:     SunOS 4.1.3
    6.01:   Solaris 2.5.1

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Developer: Hewlett-Packard
Corporate Home Page: HTTP://
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LaMar Boettner
OpenView Alliance Manager
651-603-2905 (office)
612-963-1338  (cell)

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