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Chariot is designed to measure the performance between pairs of networked computers. Different kinds of distributed applications can be emulated, and the results of running the emulated applications can be captured and analyzed.
Chariot is operated from its console, a program with a graphical user interface that lets the user create and run tests. To create a test, the user determines which computers to use and the type of data traffic that is to be run between them. Chariot refers to each of these computers as a Network Performance Endpoint, or simply endpoint. An endpoint pair comprises the network addresses of the two computers, the network protocol to use between them, and the type of application to emulate. Tests can include just one endpoint pair, or be more complex, running hundreds of endpoint pairs using a mix of netowrk protocols and application flows.
For each endpoint pair, an application script is chosen to emulate the application under test. Endpoints use the script to create the same data flows that an application would, without the application having to be installed. Chariot comes with a set of predefined application scripts, providing standard performance benchmarks and emulating common end-user applications.
The operation of Chariot is centered at its console and the endpoint software is generally installed once and rarely touched.


Chariot Version: 3.2  (v4.0 is located in the Comms storage cabinets)
Network Performance Endpoints Version: 3.5


Physical Location or link to software: Console installed in test lab, CD and documentation in Comms cabinets 10th floor

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