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AVALANCHE/LW is an integrated hardware/software system that validates the behavior of  LAN/WAN devices by stress testing them in a user-controlled emulation of a real-world enterprise network. Using Avalanche/LW is like having a complete test network in a single box.  It automatically emulates a network of a chosen size and complexity -- from a few dozen to thousands of devices -- and allows users to observe how a network device will actually behave under different operational scenarios.

Avalanche/LW's profiling tool monitors live networks and creates scenario files containing the relevant parameters of those networks. The scenario files can then be used by Avalanche/LW's emulation function to reproduce the profiled networks in a lab or office.

When a scenario file is executed, Avalanche/LW automatically emulates a network composed of multi-protocol devices that send packets over multiple interfaces and intelligently interacts with the device/system under test.Users can choose to run a scenario created by the profiling tool, a  pre-written Midnight Networks scenario, or a scenario they have created themselves.

In addition to emulating a complex network, Avalanche/LW can also determine how well a network device or system behaves on it.  While a scenario is running, Avalanche/LW monitors and analyzes responses from the device or system under test and then displays statistics that show how the received responses compare to what was expected.

Avalanche/LW Software Version: 1.1

Physical Location or link to software: permanent box in test lab

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